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Why refinance a residential mortgage? 

Financial situations change quickly and refinancing a loan allows the borrower to take advantage of rates, terms, or loan structures that were unavailable at the signing of the original mortgage. This may be due to the economy or the client’s finances. Refinancing allows the borrower to

  1. Revisit and renegotiate better rates and terms
  2. Alter loan length and structure
  3. Take equity from the home and turn it into cash
  4. Remove PHI from FHA loans

Refinancing creates a new loan agreement that fits the borrower. 

Save time and money by taking advantage of wholesale rates and tailored terms.  

Why mortgage brokers are best positioned to help with refinancing:

  1. Refinancing is not an adjustment of a current loan; it is a new loan which pays the remainder of the original and takes its place. 
  2. They maintain a diverse network of potential lenders. The best brokers maintain a network of different funding sources. Every situation is different. Each lending source has inherent benefits and pitfalls and matching the borrower’s needs to the right lender’s criteria maximizes mutual value. 
  3. The financial expert advantage gets better loans faster. Knowing how to leverage each asset, lien, and liability when applying for a loan separates the best brokers from the rest of the market. 
  4. Brokers understand the industry. Premier brokers are intimately acquainted with the function of every player in the mortgage industry. As a result, they know what each lender is searching for and the best options available. 
  5. Fast closings – A history of fast commitments for funding speaks for itself. It means they efficiently satisfy the bank’s needs and get clients the best fitting rates and terms.

Irene Partners closes loans faster than anyone. 


Irene Partners Testimonials

“My land contract expired; Mike helped me resolve the issue. I was able to refi the land contract and my wife is happy that our home is now in our names.” 

- George 

“Amazing brokers!! We had a small home loan that was hard to qualify for and Irene Partners used their credits to help us get our home! We are so thankful to Mike and team!” 

- Vince

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