Irene Partners offers the following finance packages.

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Conventional Lending


Customizable loans from a traditional lending institution. 

CMBS Loans


Secondary loans for commercial properties.

SBA/ Hotel Loans


Federally backed commercial loans for small business growth.

Private Equity


Financing from a non-bank business lender.

Mezzanine Loans


Debt equity loans to reduce cash needed for purchase.

Bridge and Hard Money Loans


Fast short terms loans for immediate financing. 

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Conventional Lending

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Conventional loans are the most common type of lending for small businesses. Rates and terms depend on perceived risk to the lender. 

Loan options include

  • Interest rate structure: Fixed, fixed-to-floating, or floating 
  • Interest rate percentage: Risk dependent 
  • Loan length: Short, intermediate, or long-term amortization 
  • Payment schedule: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

Financial and mortgage expertise is required to structure and attain the desired conventional loan. Additionally, each institution may have its own preferences and risk factors.    

Companies use a broker to get the financing they need without the extra hassle. 


Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security (CMBS) Loans

A commercial mortgage-backed security (or conduit) loan is a real estate loan secured by a first position commercial mortgage. The lower interest rates and flexible underwriting guidelines of a CMBS loan allow clients without ideal cash flow and net worth to invest in commercial real estate. It acts as a secondary loan to the borrower and is not recorded on the books of a lender, allowing the lender to maintain their liquidity. 

CMBS are non-recourse loans, meaning they remove personal liability from the borrower allowing the commercial property and its profits to be used as collateral. CMBS is a fully assumable loan: The borrower can pass the loan on to the buyer if they sell the property.

This loan has a fixed interest rate and is typically paid over 25-30 years with a payment due at the end of the term. These loans are packaged and sold to investors on the secondary market in a process known as securitization. A conduit loan takes the form of bonds placed into a REMIC trust, which is sold to investors. Commercial mortgage loans act as collateral, with principal and interest passed on to investors. 

The loans that are securitized into CMBS include those for properties such as apartment buildings and complexes, factories, hotels, office buildings, office parks, and shopping malls.


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Small Business Administration/ Hotel Loans

From the SBA website:

“The Small Business Administration (SBA) works with lenders to provide loans to small businesses. The agency doesn’t lend money directly to small business owners. Instead, it sets guidelines for loans made by its partnering lenders, community development organizations, and micro-lending institutions. The SBA reduces risk for lenders and makes it easier for them to access capital. That makes it easier for small businesses to get loans.”

In other words, SBA loans are financed by private institutions and guaranteed (to a certain amount) by a government agency. This guarantee allows lenders to offer flexible terms and low interest rates. 

If the borrower meets SBA lender criteria, they can finance a wide range of small business growth initiatives. 

SBA loans are utilized to fund hotels, franchises, and owner occupied investment properties (owner occupies 50% of the space), and more. 

Irene Partners is unmatched in their mortgage experience and financial expertise . They have a reputation for closing SBA loans up to 30 days faster than any other broker or retail banking institution. 


Private Equity Loans

Loans from a non-bank institution

A private business loan is any type of business financing provided by a non-bank business lender. 

Private loans fill the void left by conventional lending institutions. Private lenders do not have the regulations and restrictions of FDIC-insured lending institutions. Without these obstacles, lenders can offer businesses creative financing options. 

This loan type is for any business who may struggle to obtain conventional financing but can prove their ability to repay the loan. 

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Mezzanine Loans

Reduce the amount of cash needed at purchase.

Mezzanine loans are a combination of debt and equity finance. This financing provides the lender the right to access ownership or equity interest in the company if the loan defaults. A mezzanine loan is used to borrow additional money against a commercial property. Companies seek mezzanine financing to support growth initiatives and acquisitions.

A mezzanine loan is used to reduce the amount of cash the buyer needs to complete the purchase. This style of loan has a shorter term than first position commercial mortgages, with a maximum length of five years. Typically, the borrower is required to make interest-only payments and pay off or renew the loan when it matures.

A broker can help reduce the high interest rate associated with mezzanine loans. 


Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is short-term financing (6-36 months) used until a company can obtain long term financing. Bridge loans are used to renovate, upgrade, and purchase commercial real estate before the property qualifies for permanent financing. Borrowers may also seek a bridge loan when their credit is exhausted or they need cash fast. 

Hard money loans

A hard money loan is a short-term bridge loan for commercial real estate. Its terms are based on the value of the property being used as collateral. Hard money lenders are private individuals and companies who see potential for a return on a loan too risky for a conventional lender. 

Borrowers pursue a hard money loan when their credit is low but have significant equity in their properties. They can expect higher interest rates due to higher associated risk to the lender; however, the cost is worth immediate access to capital and flexibility in repaying the loan. 


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