Irene Partners is the fastest broker on the market.

One source for commercial lending, commercial real estate, and residential mortgages. 

Irene Partners is a powerful independent brokerage in Southeast Michigan. Their innovative mortgage process seamlessly connects lender and borrower.

Commercial Lending


Invest and acquire with the best rates and terms. Closing in as little as 30 days.

Commercial Refinancing


Alter your monthly payments, shorten loan periods, and get equity from your business. 

Commercial Real Estate


Contact Irene Partners for commercial real estate listings. 

Residential Lending


Get your dream home or investment property faster than anyone else. Closing in as little as 19 days.

Residential Refinancing


Lower monthly payments, change your pay period, or remove PHI. 

Hard Money Loans


Looking for a hard cash investor? Irene Partners has the network to make it happen.

Irene Partners Testimonials

  “IP analyzed our capacity, fit us to a nice property, guided us through our first purchase, and financed our loan...a true one stop shop.” 

- Tony

 “I needed money fast, Mike was able to get $300,000 within 48 hours."

- R

“My land contract expired; Mike helped me resolve the issue. I was able to refi the land contract and my wife is happy that our home is now in our names.” 

- George 

Get Financed Fast

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Irene Partners

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Why hire a broker?

Why do companies use a broker instead of finding financing themselves?


  • Direct access to high level contacts in premier lending institutions

  • Expertise in presenting company financials to otherwise skeptical lenders

  • Constant awareness of the best available rates and payment terms

  • Speed - they want financing now


Maintain Relevant Relationships

The best mortgage brokers maintain strong professional relationships with everyone involved in the loan process. These high-level connections expedite the loan request by putting it in the hands of decision makers. Constant communication cultivates an understanding of client and lender needs. The mutual trust between broker and lender ensure rates and terms are agreed upon quickly. 

Financial Presentation

The best brokers are proven financial experts—they speak the bank’s language. When requesting funding from a large institution, financial presentation will determines success. Why waste weeks trying to assemble presentations for multiple institutions? Brokers know each bank’s desire and how to craft an irresistible pitch to present the client's unique situation. 

Negotiation of Loan Rates and Terms

Everything comes together at the negotiation table. The broker’s ever-evolving knowledge of achievable rates and terms ensures the fairest contract possible. The familiarity with the client’s financial situation gives the broker the leverage they need to reach an agreement that benefits the client. Finally, the broker’s positive relationship with each decision maker generates mutual value and transparency between client and lender. 

The result is a contract that satisfies both client and lender without wasted time and valuable energy. 

Interested in learning about the financing Irene Partners can get you? Get a free financial analysis today. 


How much can Irene Partners get for you?

What makes a broker the best?

Which qualities does a good Commercial Mortgage Broker have?

Financial expertise

Financial experts understand what lenders look for and how to best communicate your unique financial situation.

Network of strong relationships with premier lenders

A broker is as good as their contact list. The best brokers will have established contacts in institutions of every size. 

A grounded understanding of the mortgage process and industry

They should know exactly what information they need from the client to complete the process. Knowing the industry ensures the best deal is reached. Brokers with this quality get the best mortgages fast.  

Fast closings

A history of fast funding speaks for itself. Speedy results reveal effectiveness. 


Irene Partners closes loans faster than anyone.

  The Irene Partners network is an influential group of motivated financial professionals that know their ideal client. High trust and mutual respect among premier lenders at all levels of financing—from one-to-one lenders to the most revered institutions—ensure client and financier needs are met without delay.